Prayer Matters

Join Us Sundays at 10:00am

Prayer Changes Everything.

We believe prayer is powerful. When we pray we are not just talking to the air. We are giving praise and thanks as well as making our requests known to a living God who loves us more than we can even comprehend.

Is there something going on in your life where you need God to step in? Do you have a need that only God can meet?

Prayer changes everything. Take a step today and ask God to step in. Submit a prayer request below and a team of people will commit to praying with you.

  • What Kind of prayers can I submit?

    Anything. Literally anything. No prayer too big or too small. Struggling with finances? Health? Addiction? Family? Nothing is off limits.

  • What if I'm not sure i believe in this?

    That is totally okay. God loves to reveal himself to us when we pray. Even if you aren’t sure what you believe, let’s pray and see what happens.

  • Who will be praying for me?

    We have assembled a team of people who love to pray. They want to lift your needs up to God and can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • What should i expect?

    Expect big things. Jesus says if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. Let’s pray and see what God does.

How can we pray for you?