Engage Church Duluth Podcast: OneLife Episode 3

When it comes to this one life that we have to live, it's important to realize that God knows us and cares for us individually.  And because He cares for us individually, we can also learn that He created us to become people who reflect Him back to our world. Join Pastor Josh as we wrap up our One Life series on the Engage Church Duluth Podcast and discover the importance of knowing that God is full of love, grace, and mercy and how we can use our one life to reflect that back to others. 

Engage Church Duluth Podcast: OneLife Episode 1

We're all searching for something in today's world. Answers. Purpose. Joy. Join Pastor Josh from Engage Church Duluth for the first podcast episode of One Life. We'll study the Bible and learn about what God would search for, what we should be searching for, and how to orient our lives around our main goal to know God.