Not A Fan: Everyone (not just anyone) Is Welcome!

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Have you ever thought about Jesus' invitation to FOLLOW him?

Does that seem possible to you, or maybe like there's gotta be some fine print to it?

Does Jesus know my thoughts? My past? My attitude? My doubt? May shame? My guilt? My sin?

The answer is YES!

And He STILL invites you to an eternal relationship with Him.

A promise like that is worth looking into, isn’t it? 


Here's a key verse to contemplate: 

Luke 9:23 


Here's a story to think about:

Luke 7:46-50


Life isn’t about having “it” all together and neither is following Jesus! Jesus loves you where you are, but He doesn’t want to leave you where you are! 


Take a step towards Jesus today.

You're not alone. 


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