Not A Fan: Define the Relationship

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Are you a fan or are you a follower of Jesus?

At some point, we have to have the DTR (define the relationship) talk.

As I contemplate this question, I seek to offer examples of ways in which I am a “follower.” But when I stop and think to myself if this is really true, it becomes challenging and convicting. 

To clarify, Pastor Josh loosely defined a “fan” as someone that essentially admires or adores. A “follower” is all-in, ready to deny themselves, and to faithfully trust in whom they are following.

Who do you admire? Who are you a fan of?

The part that becomes convicting, is that I think we can all come up with examples of people that we follow in our lives, and Jesus may not be even be a consideration on that list, a lot of the time.

A very simple example of this is the celebrities or successful people we look up to in life. For me, if a rock star like Dave Grohl, or professional climber like Chris Sharma, came rolling up into my day, I would drop WHATEVER I was doing at that moment in time to be with them. To learn from them. To follow them, and would basically be open to doing anything they wanted to do. Even if they suggested something I was uncomfortable with, I would still probably willingly oblige.

Do we think of Jesus, our Savior, the most impressive, capable, powerful, and loving person to ever walk the Earth, in this same capacity? If we are honest with ourselves, the answer, most of the time is, probably not. I can say, that sometimes I feel God calling me to do things I did not personally have mapped out for myself, and I fight that call, or try to seek justification for reasons why it “just isn’t the right time, God.”

We get sucked into our own priorities and goals in life, and struggle with letting go, and trusting our Father, with the difficult things. We often try to take control of challenges in our lives, like finances, our careers, whom we date/marry, where we are supposed to live, or how to finally cut our addictions, on our own terms. The reality is, we aren’t capable. 

The good news is that, we can follow a God who is! Jesus has paid our ransom, and has set us FREE. He has paid the ultimate price for us, so that we can be saved. All that we need to do to be set FREE is to follow Him. In the simplest terms, this means, letting go of our own agendas, and trusting in the plan God has for us, allowing Him to guide us through the difficult choices in life. That is not to say that our lives will be perfect, or without hurt. We live in a broken, sinful world, that will try to tear us down. The point that we need to focus on, is that this life is not our own, it is HIS, and it’s temporary. There is SO MUCH GREATER for us in the kingdom beyond this world.

So, what are we willing to sacrifice to follow our Lord?

The answer should be, EVERYTHING.

I pray that we can deny ourselves and our own priorities each and every day, and put our trust in our God and Father whom has paid it ALL for us. Let us follow HIM, and willingly live a life that is All-In.

Submitted by Tom L.