Not A Fan: Rules, Rules, Rules

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Rules, rules, rules!

We’ve all been there, TRAPPED by rules:

“the fifty five mph speed limit where it should be sixty five”

“no jumping or diving when the pool is ten feet deep”

“no shoes, no shirt, no service”

...rules can be so cumbersome and uninspiring! 

Rules don’t get you into heaven or make you right with God. 

Please understand:

God’s Word provides both guidance and commandments. And those commandments, those laws, they are here to protect us. And, if we’re honest, none of us can follow those laws perfectly.

If we know we aren't perfect and can’t follow the “rules” perfectly...

are we doomed?!!


God offers us grace!

You cannot earn grace and you don’t deserve grace. It’s a gift. 

Read John 8:1-11


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