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Yada, Yahweh


Say that three times fast! This Hebrew tongue twister carries a powerful teaching lesson, and should be our focus point whether we are just starting, or continuing to grow, in our walk with Jesus.


Yada means: to know, and to be completely known.

Yahweh is the Hebrew word for God, our Father.


Together, YADA + YAHWEH show us how to be a follower of God.


We don’t just need to know about God, we need to know Him.


But what does it mean to know God, exactly? In the simplest terms, it means having an intimate relationship with Him. And to clarify, people often think of intimate as meaning the lovey-dovey, mushy stuff. That’s not the intimate we’re talking about here.

When we become intimate with God, it means we give up everything that we have for Him, and to Him.


It means we submit completely to Him. God wants us to offer up our strengths, weaknesses, worries, and faults, and trust in Him with our lives. God wants us to live out the purpose and plan He has set for us. This usually means forgetting our own agendas, and trusting God in the good and bad times.


The story of the “immoral woman” in Luke 7:36-50, shows us exactly what an intimate relationship with God looks like. In the midst of the Pharisees (the ones that possessed all spiritual knowledge, rituals, and “did everything right”), this sinful and broken woman interrupts their superficial show and submits completely to Jesus, right in front of them! With a lowly reputation and full of shame, this woman presented herself to Jesus in a vulnerable way, with all of her shortcomings, completely trusting in the redeeming power and love of a relationship with Him. 


She submitted her old life, and all the baggage that went along with it,

so that she could be made new.


Because of her radical and intimate faith, she was able to know Jesus in a way that

changed her life forever!


The good news is

that God is ready to have the same relationship with every, single one of us! A relationship where...

...God knows you intimately

Check out Psalm 139:1-4 if you want some reassurance on this.

...You know God in the same way

Yada is referenced over and over throughout the Bible, so it’s obviously important to God!

FANS choose knowledge of God, Followers Choose to know God

We can go to church, pray the prayers and sing the songs. But if we don’t create an intimate relationship with God, where we give it all up to Him, we are missing the mark.


This week, let’s have this be our prayer:

“Father God, I want to know you.

You already know everything there is to know about me.

Help me to know You in that same way.

Give me the radical faith to submit everything that I have, completely to You.

I want to give You control and trust in Your plan for my life, not my own plans.

Help me to be mindful of this every single day.

Thank you for Your relentless love!"


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contributed by

Tom Lyscio

thanks, Tom!